About Us

Our Company was founded in December 1994, the same month Netscape released 1.0 browser and website server software. We manage a portfolio of domain names and websites, including a large network of local singles /dating domains. We acquire domain names, develop websites, promote websites and host a network of sites. We like to buy excellent domain names where we, or our partners, can provide great content that converts into real revenues. For example, here is one of our local singles sites. e.g.ChicagoSingles.com

Have you developed a strong long term Internet Marketing Strategy? The Internet has become woven into our daily lives in a multitude of different ways and therefore it is important to develop a long term marketing strategy. For example, start by making your Internet footprint bigger, or fishing with a bigger net as I like to say! You should be buying great .com domain names and growing your network of sites offering software as a service, which is typically subscription based, or selling various goods and services or providing great content! But it should all start by acquiring great domain names!

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Tom Chapman
CEO, Net Content Creations, Inc.